Allen Etter

Allen Etter is the writer, director, editor, art director and producer of Cerulean. Allen is 44 and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He received his BFA in 1989 from the University of Saint Francis, and his MFA in 1992 from Bowling Green State University. He currently works as an instructor of Video and Intermedia at IPFW. Previously he has been the co-writer, director and co-editor of Harbinger, the writer, director and editor of Darkness Aftermath, and the writer, director, editor and music composer of Jealousy is Black and Red. In his free time Allen enjoys drawing, painting, writing and making movies. He currently has 2 new movies in preproduction, Crimson Rosetta and Steampunk Bonnie and Clyde (working title).

Allegra White

Allegra White is appearing as Cerulean. Allegra is 22 and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was a theater major at IPFW.  Previously she wrote, choreographed and preformed in The Dream Before Christmas at Brea Fellowship Church. She was also in her high school show choir and many plays growing up at her school and church. Allegra’s special talents include: singing, voice acting, dance, playing the violin and English recorder, and designing clothing. Her hobbies include: reading, writing, listening to music, critiquing movies and role-playing games. She also loves playing volleyball, badminton, soccer and tennis. Allegra’s future plans are to continue studying and getting more involved with filmmaking, directing and production.

Luke Hathaway

Luke Hathaway is appearing as Ryan. Luke is 23 and lives in Woodburn, Indiana. He is a graphic design major at IPFW and will be graduating in May 2012. Luke is currently working as the Head Lifeguard for Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department. This is his first time acting since doing elementary school plays.  Some of Luke’s special talents are: singing, art, dance, comedy, and juggling. Luke’s future plans including traveling all of North America after graduation.

James Baker

James Baker is appearing for the first time as Dillard.  James is 25 and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is currently a student at IPFW and plans on graduating in May of 2012. James has a special talent for wit and humor. In his free time he likes to write and play video games. After graduating he would like to use his degree to pursue a career in movies, animation or video game development.

Maggie Dye

Maggie Dye is appearing as Maddie and also worked on concept art for Cerulean.  Maggie is 22 and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is attending IPFW. Maggie currently works as a group home trainer for AWS.  She has previously appeared in Footloose, The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Bye Bye Birdie, Our Town and many more. Some of Maggie’s special talents are acting, drawing and photography. In her spare time she likes to spend time outdoors hiking, camping and swimming.  Maggie’s future plans are to move to the UK to pursue a career in film after graduating.

Josh Adams

Josh Adams is appearing for the first time as Bisc and has worked as a 3D modeler and Animator for Cerulean. He is 30 and lives in Churubusco, Indiana. Josh is currently attending IPFW and intends on graduating in 2013. He is working as a tutor at IPFW.  Josh’s special talents are: Playing guitar, writing movies and music, drawing, painting, 3D modeling and animation. In his free time Josh enjoys reading, directing, gaming and PC building. After graduation he hopes to work at BioWare in Austin, TX as an animator.

Debbie Ngo

Debbie Ngo is appearing as X. She is 26 and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Debbie received her BFA from IPFW in 2010 and continues to take classes and perfect her art. She is a local artist who paints, creates graphic novels, makes wonderful pottery and builds life-size sculptures of fantasy creatures.  Debbie has acted in two previous film projects for Allen Etter; Darkness Aftermath and Jealousy is Black and Red.  

Wahli Wahli - Camera Operator
Sergio Trevino Sergio Trevino - Camera Operator & 2nd Unit Director
Andrew Glazebrook Andrew Glazebrook is a CG Artist on Cerulean. Andrew is 44 and lives in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England, UK. He previously has done visual effects for: Darkness Aftermath, Hyperdrive a British TV series, The Outsiders a British TV Movie and Deployment Strategy, a Sci-Fi short.
Andres R Montenegro Andres Montenegro is a CG Artist on Cerulean. Andres is 48 and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He received his BA in 1986 from Universidad de Chile, Valparaiso, his MA in 1996 from Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaiso, Chile, and his MFA in 2006 from University of Oregon. Andres currently works as assistant professor of 3d Animation and Modeling at IPFW.
Chenyi Lin Chenyi Lin - CG Artist
  David Perry - CG Artist
  Greg Scalet - CG Artist


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